Flaming Crate is about burning our way out of self-imposed or society-imposed boxes that we get trapped in. Romans 12:2 tells us not to be conformed by the pattern of this world. Well, friends, that “pattern” is what we call cultural norms.

I was a good Christian girl who did everything “right” yet I fell into these norms because white culture isn’t defined; it’s just “normal” to those of us who grow up in it. To make these boxes even smaller, I grew up in an all-white, small town and my business-owner parents sent me to private schools where my graduating class was 13 kids. I went to a 98% white church with Fundamentalist Protestant views…until the day this girl realized that her religion and white culture were almost identical in their Trump-like views that weren’t compatible with the love of God.

I started to identify these boxes that trapped me and had nearly-destroyed me until the day I got kicked out of church for being too loud (divisive, they called it), decided to leave my 18-year abusive marriage, and found a church that feeds the poor, visits sick people in church, hugs newcomers…a church where I’m the only white person. So, y’all, cheers to burning boxes and welcome to Flaming Crate, the blog, where I’m sure to be all kinds of controversial, but where I’ll be honest, transparent, and oh, too fiery!!!